Customer-First Growth

Jump Off Google's Merry-Go-Round

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google right?

Let's face it, local business owners don't have that kind of money.

Only the deep pockets of big retail chains can afford it over it long-term .     


We all get calls from firms promising that we will be right at the top every day but don't tell us the true cost is around $35,000 / year for a dedicated internet business manager.


If you are paying Google PPC it's a gimmick to hook small medium sized business owners into thinking they are on top but your business is only there as long as your wallet is open. 


We help small to medium sized business owners to stop wasting your hard-earned money on Google's Merry-Go-Round program. 


What's about to be shared is something is far better for small to medium sized business to gain the traffic you want for phones to ring and gain traffic to you products and services.


When our Google campaigns stopped working we asked our self...SELF!  What just happened!

 Answer:  Google cutoff local business owners from agency of record dedicated reps making the adjustments to be on top with PPC and Adwords.



On your last Google PPC AdWords campaign or new customer signup, did anyone test the customer experience from the end-user perspective?  Was it successful? 


My smarty-pants brother-in-law always says "If I had your money, I would just burn mine up" 


Well, if we don't test the Customer-First experience - CFX, it's like burning up your money.


We are the Inventors of the Frictionless Customer First Growth Model.

We do what no agency even wants to do...

Services Portfolio


  • Sync-up Local search data on (Google My Local Business and Citation management)
  • Establish Reputation management (review and ratings)
  • Outbound brand tune-ups (including email, text and instant message)
  • Test for consistent social media brand name on Google, Facebook and more)
  • Market Launch to over 100 domain authorities talking about your local business with a consistent brand name, location, and phone data.
  • Our services complement large Ad Agencies, Media Buyers, and Digital marketing companies to round out brand offerings by adding UAT testing, Voice AI on Alexa Voice, Google Voice Assistant, IoS and others to come.  

We specialize in Results


  • Extend your total audience share in the local market. 
  • Average gains of $4 back for every $1 spend ratio in revenue.
  • NO more SEO/SEM Promises and Pay Per Click - PPC Money Pit upsell.
  • Know the facts then test and tune for success!
  • We user acceptance and load test before all market launches.
  • We are not a "one & done" growth ramp.
  • Long term profitable relationship. 
  • Better Business Owner Return On Investment - ROI.

It’s Not Business as Usual

Hire Us For Customer Response Tune-Up

Tune-Ups for Customer Response is everything these days!


As your Agency of Record - AOR, it means you can tell all of those callers that you are represented by an Agency to send them packing every time. 


As your agency of record, going forward you will always pay wholesale for promotional growth products.

Click here In the next 10 Hours you will begin to see the difference a tune up can make.

Customer-First Experience - CFX

With User Acceptance Testing


We perform Customer Experience - CX review with in-store and out-of-store e-Commerce identifying any defects, content tuning, and call to action optimization. 


Our user acceptance testing includes e-commerce/mobile- commerce check-out customer experience - CX testing for better outcomes on blog articles, websites, social media.


We don't advertise, don't sell data, and don’t distract you with shiny objects, or bog you down in SEO/SEM/PPC minutia. 


We do not recommend questionable tactics that can damage your business.    


We focus energy on proven digital marketing strategies that have proven to build grow-ramps for new customer traffic by taking away all of the guesswork.


We will never be the cheapest bigger-better-deal, or another try before you buy services to upsell your credit card later.


Our model sure beats all of the past trial and error money pit approaches.

Repeatable Growth Pump
Online Property Web Address
Mobile Number


Digital Business Cards 

Imagine every time you run into someone you could give them a digital business card via text.

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Create Marketing Ambassadors

Create a commission-only sales force without the setup cost.

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Team Manager Analytics 

Know what is working with sales teams and what should be abandoned. ”They gave us the assurance that our reps were doing the right things during their discovery calls and demos. We’ve shortened our sales cycle to just 16 days and more than doubled our close rates.” David Ellis - Sales Director, Linkedin.

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Grow Customer Conversions Upon Website Bounce Exits.

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Mediate Online Reviews before they impact your business reputation.

Learn how to focus on customer-first promptly to the customer with a positive response for better outcomes. Don’t let reviews go un-mediated!

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Do you need logos, green screen videos, slogans, or other creatives knocked out quick?

Click here to check out our friends that have helped us for years with graphics and youtube videos.  


Fuel Growth with More Lead-Gen Campaigns, Fast.

Learn how to grow your business with new lead generation camapigns.

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