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Bookkeeping Cleanup Costs

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Nancy at Where Your Money Went is here to help

So you want to stay in tune with your business by trying your skills at bookkeeping but with the training it can really cost you a bundle if done wrong. Everyone seems to start out of the gate well but running your business and doing the books part-time spells trouble. It's all good until your business starts to take off and you get real busy which is great but your evenings are filled with the books. You find it hard to concentrate after a long day and the books are boring and you even dose off between entries. You then start pricing the cheapest bookkeeper possible to fit your limited budget and that's the answer right? Your CPA at the end of the year finds so many mistakes in your books that they charge you up to $200/hr to fix them to avoid a large tax burden. You promise yourself to change but the next year it's the same old challenge of finding someone part-time to do the books when you really need someone trained to tag team with your CPA for the possible solution. CPA's love our work so Message us on facebook now or schedule a call for your Free 30 minute consultation to start focus more time on the customer and less time on the books.