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We make your CPA love you at tax time!

Our clients enjoy gaining time back plus peace of mind and added confidence by understanding their business numbers.

Are you always trying to catch up on your books part-time, evenings, and weekends?  


This very common entrepreneur practice can introduce costly mistakes creating rework for your CPA right at tax time.


Let’s face it, it’s just not what you do best.

That’s why we offer business owners more time to focus on their customers, while we take care of the books.

For many years our clients have enjoyed getting their time back to focus on their business.  

Our clients gain peace of mind and added confidence by understanding their business numbers. 

Your time is Priceless, so let's chat!

Unlike our competition, we are all about you!

We help you discover where the money Is all going, then put it to better use toward growing your business. 

  • Gain valuable insights with the science of account best practices and expert advice.
  • Real peace of mind knowing your business stays is up-to-date on accounting rules so you don’t have to.
  • Opportunity to focus on what you do best with more time pursuing your passion.
  • Wealth of understanding of your business performance numbers. 

It's Easy to Get Started By Redeeming 30-minutes Free

We help business owners find where all the money is going.

Just a Few of Our Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Month-end closing process

Accounting Advisory
  • Understand the story the numbers are telling about your business
  • Analysis and advisory for decision support
  • Accountancy best practices



  • Customer first experiences
  • Stay in the mind of your customers
  • Tune-Up, test, and grow

We help business owners understand where all the money is all going each month for valuable insights toward key decisions.


CPA's refer us new customers because we do everything except your taxes so we compliment each others business model. 


If you have been trying to find an Online Accountant, you have come to the right place for your QuickBooks-Certified ProAdvisor services. 

Award Winning Accounting and Bookkeeping at Where Your Money Went

We'll Never be the Cheapest!

How good was the last cheaper deal?

Everyone knows you get what you pay for these days. Facts are... most cheaper deals are just temporary loss leaders to an up-sell later.

In contrast, our accounting advisory and growth services provides a long term solution that differentiates itself from all of the competition.


We have an excellent client-retention rate with exceptional On-Time and Above Client Expectations - OTACE score plus very high Customer Satisfaction - CSAT score. 

Considered one of the best small business bookkeeping services in Lee's Summit MO area with many 5-star customer reviews and Citations.


Balance Sheet and Profit Loss Walkthroughs

Gain a better understanding with a personal walk-through of your business profit & loss report with balance sheet insights to know your numbers. 


We save business owners time and money by getting the books right the first time and allow CPAs to work on what they do best with financial forecasting and taxes.

Experience Makes Big Difference

Your business deserves a professional with educational foundation in the science of accounting through a degree in Accounting.  See for your self the difference that a dedicated accounting professional with over 20 years of experience can do for your books.


Sure you can learn to do it all in-house with a part-time admin that can barely spell balance sheet or profit loss but why risk the add rework expense at tax time?  


Don't put off your books because the 11th hour tax time fire-drill impacts the bottom line expenses impacting year-end revenue.  Paying a CPA late in the year to catch up your bookkeeping cost is double to triple the rate of our monthly accounting advisory and growth services.  

Special thanks to our patrons for their reviews and endorsements.

Citations and Endorsements

"When it comes to book keeping, Nancy is the answer! She can help you find "where your money went" in a fraction of the time it takes you as a business owner! So if you're looking for someone to get you caught up, straighten you out, or simply free up some time for you to spend on your biz or with family, I highly recommend Nancy! Does incredible work and is fairly priced!"  Jarod Moran


"I had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy last week and she is very friendly and easy to talk to. She offers options that meet the needs of basically any size business. She can teach new businesses to use software and keep track of their own accounting or she can help balance and keep track of the budgeting. She tailors her services to the needs of the customer so everyone can be happy knowing they are getting exactly what they need and nothing less. Give her a call and find out how she can help your business."  Jesse R. Hamm


"There is no one better at making sure your business financial paperwork is in order than Nancy! If you want to spend your time growing your business and not worrying about your books Where Your Money Went is the best business decision you can make! Trustworthy and efficient, you can trust Nancy with all of your bookkeeping needs!!"  Shane Bush


"This lady can tell you exactly where your money went! Nancy is awesome, organized and gets right to the point. If you need some help with book work on your business look no further!" Andy Minor 


Don’t trust your company to any of those highly marketed No Experience Necessary, home-based business, virtual bookkeeping groups.

Please don’t trust your company to any of those highly marketed No Experience Necessary, home-based business, virtual bookkeeping groups. These groups like QB Pro Advisors Help aka quickbooksexperts, BotKeeper, instantbookkeeper, Wealthy Nickel or Side Hustle Nation.  These overnight experts ask basic accounting questions in posts on social media to get answers because they have no education or experience. The huge cleanup later will really cost you at tax time. 


Let’s chat about how to avoid all this. Bookkeeping is small part of the services our clients enjoy.

If not then who?  If not now, when?