Does your business google location, map directions, and phone number work right?
24. July 2022
Customers may have trouble finding your business if they cannot find the correct phone and address on Google.

13. June 2022
THIS IS NOT A DRILL China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are preparing to launch a new generation of cyberattacks. Note: This will not stop those pesky spam emails or internet scams. The attackers boldly plan to take over Internet routers and modems DNS tunnelling to launch multiple attacks on our power, water, and core city services. The leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) refused to take these simple steps to protect the American people. Special thanks to our FREE family-safe Cloudflare...

Business Profitability Accounting
22. May 2022
Business Profitability Accounting finds what others may miss by listening to the story your balance sheet and profit-loss statements are telling us.

30. April 2022
Google Analytics 4 This new extension helps website owners gain a more comprehensive view of their customers behavior and website traffic data. Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as "App + Web") is a new kind of property, with several advantages starting with a Privacy focus. In Google Analytics 4, the naming convention is much more flexible and it solely depends on the person who is implementing the tracking setup. In GA4, there is a parameter called Event Name, and then everything else...

Business Profitability Advisory
11. March 2022
If you don’t have an accounting degree, ensure that you hire someone who does. There are times when the cheapest bookkeeper can introduce costly mistakes.

Ransomware Defense
10. June 2021
Businesses will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021. Try managed security.

18. April 2021
Data protection on personal devices is not just for super geeks! It is not your ISP, manufacturer, or local computer guys urgent problem, it’s your own responsibility to help block cyber crime. Will you take action or cry after becoming a victim? Encrypting your Data Everywhere

COVID Protection
23. January 2021
Protect your home with UV to kill germs in the heat and air conditioner.

22. November 2020
Know Where Your Money Goes with Accounting Advisory Services

12. November 2020
Our accounting advisory services helped protect inherited assets during a divorce from a greedy spouse.

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