About Us

We offer accounting for business profitability and growth services so that business owners have more time to focus on their customers.  

Our clients love that we can work for them securely and remotely as a more cost effective solution to assist with financial decision-making.  We work for our clients remotely using screen share and advanced teleconferencing tools to feel just like we are in the same office together.  Focus On Your Business, Not Your Books!

We believe in the value of relationships and it's reflected in the love for the work we do for business owners.

Values We Share


  • Being Intellectually Relentless
  • Candor and Openness
  • Giving back with Spirit
  • Respecting Others in our Pursuit for Excellence
  • Self-Initiative and Honoring Commitments
  • Working Passionately and Inspiring Others


Philosophies We Believe

  •  Entrepreneurial spirit keeps us agile, relevant and provides growth for us as owners and individuals.
  •  Challenging ourselves and others to keep us learning, solving problems, and always improving.
  •  Decisions and actions made with honesty, integrity, and trust to build an enduring and lasting company.
  •  Loving what we do and enjoying the work allows us to be better contributors.
  •  Rewards come in many forms, often earned through individual and group contributions.
  •  Karma exists; by taking care of our client's needs instead of our own, really great things happen.


Our Story

Where Your Money Went got started after a huge amount of introductions at the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce and community enrichment. We partner with business owners to give them back more time to focus on their business customers.

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