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Where your money went loves the chamber of commerce especially the ribbon-cutting events to meet new business owners welcoming them to the community.  Visit the Lee's Summit Chamber today!


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Are you looking for a cost-effective ways to grow your business network of connections?


The most common example of these groups would be your local chamber of commerce. Typical chambers of commerce will meet several times a month for various events such as new business openings, speaking engagements and small business workshops.  Over the years, niche networking groups have developed in order to increase the effectiveness of local relationship building. The beauty of your local chamber of commerce is that they connect you with your city’s movers and shakers. These relationships can be hugely effective. 


In a nutshell, the bigger your professional network, the more trusted referrals you’ll get. When we say “referral”, don’t just think of a referral as an interested first-time home buyer or someone who needs a gentle dentist. A referral can also be a local person looking for certain products that you sell. 


Now you can network day and night and get zero benefits out of it. Simply collecting thousands of business cards won’t ignite explosive growth. However, if you network the right way, it might be the only form of marketing you ever do. Many professional networkers will say this time and time again.


Steps To Networking Success


1 - Be memorable to other business owners

When you attend these groups you need to be memorable. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a very unique and creative business card.  You MUST find a way to be memorable.

2 - Find businesses in your network that compliment your own

If you own an online jewelry store, you should partner up with local businesses that are in the wedding industry. By referring business to your power partners (which is WAY easier to do than to refer business to non-related businesses), the greater the chance your power partners will refer your business in return.


3 - Find out which networking groups are effective

Not all groups are going to be good at delivering business. When you start attending business networking groups in your area, ask other business owners what other groups they like. Over time you’ll notice a trend of what groups seem to deliver the best value.

4 - Frequent these groups once a week

The only way anyone is going to remember who you are, and more importantly, what you do, is if you show your face regularly. The more you show up, the more referrals you will get.

5 - Identify the superstar networkers

In every networking group, there will always be “superstar” networkers. These are business owners that really understand the value of synergizing and helping other businesses out. What you want to do is identify these superstars and develop a good relationship with them. Generally, these people will have been in the group the longest and will have the most influence within the group.


6 - Keep Going

The reward of networking doesn’t happen overnight. You will need to devote a good few months for it to really take effect. This goes back to giving people in your networking group time to know who you are and what you do. Also, you’ll need time to deliver your first referrals too.  But once you get your networking mojo down – it can pay off immensely.   As you grow and your business scales, local business networking may not fit into your weekly regimen. But when you’re starting off, it’s a great way to get your local community aware of your business. Especially if you have a brick-and-mortar location. Developing your local strength can be a huge portion of your revenue. However, as you get busier, you’ll notice that business networking takes time. You’ll have to make the call as to whether or not you can fit networking into your schedule and if it’s worth it to your bottom line. Many established businesses will send employees to networking groups to maintain a presence in the local business community.


Whatever you do, don't quit!

Get out there and give networking a shot. It’s a great way to create opportunities for your business that sitting behind a computer just can’t get you.


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