What is Accounting Advisory -vs- Audit?

Accounting Advisory Services

Business Performance Advisory

The business performance advisory services are focused on analysing the health of the businesses they serve. Services like business intelligence and growth profitability are common. 
Empower, educate, enable, engage with energy for the accounting advisory customer.

Strategic Advisory

Firms that offer strategic advisory services are always looking at business performance but also advising their clients on the best course of action. These practices help their clients with strategic planning, forming succession plans and managing risk.

As revenue opportunities increase, the main goal is to move away from being valued for your time and more valued for financial expertise. You’re the trusted advisor on financial matters


A small business audit is an examination of a business's accounting books and tax returns to make sure they are accurate and comply with relevant laws. Many businesses conduct an annualinternal audit. An external auditor or IRS auditor might also audit your company.