About Us

We believe in the value of relationships and it's reflected in the love for the work we do for business owners.

Values We Share


  • Being Intellectually Relentless
  • Candor and Openness
  • Giving back with Spirit
  • Respecting Others in our Pursuit for Excellence
  • Self-Initiative and Honoring Commitments
  • Working Passionately and Inspiring Others


Philosophies We Believe

  • An entrepreneurial spirit keeps us agile, relevant and provides growth for us as owners and individuals.
  •  Challenging ourselves and others to keep us learning, solving problems, and always improving.
  •  Decisions and actions made with honesty, integrity, and trust to build an enduring and lasting company.
  •  Loving what we do and enjoying the work allows us to be better contributors.
  •  Rewards come in many forms, often earned through individual and group contributions.
  •  Karma exists; by taking care of our client's needs instead of our own, really great things happen.


Our Story

They say the hardest thing is to define unique value to the customer.  Ours gifted us with the ability to see things another may overlook.


It all began when one of the largest divorces in Kansas City history when a dear friend was struggling to see how their spouse of so many years could attempt to take his inheritance. The inheritance was earned by those responsible for the Folgers coffee can plastic lid and now any peel back seal lid today.


The late J. Paul Getty advised identifying. Anything that must be consumed and bought again. The key to wealth is simple.


Bottom line our friend’s inheritance was not something a spouse can have any claim to wealth from a lifetime of royalties that came from patents after many years is not attachable assets. On the other hand, any assets created in the years during the marriage is up to 50% at risk.


We have discovered a unique way for companies to get closer to their customers while we take care of the books to stop revenue leaks to fund customer first growth.


We are now the world’s first bookkeeping and accounting services to offer a customer-first focus on growth as well.


Differentiate-ourselves away from all of the competition with great enjoyment to see them grow.


Our website blog seemed to be a great starting point but with the power of social media, we really needed much more to make this truly unique opportunity to the masses for the most benefit.


The rest is history, Nancy Scott Accounting Services became Where Your Money Went after a huge amount of introductions at the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce and community enrichment papers. The business was created with a true passion to help small business owners gain better services for their bookkeeping and more fun running their business.


History About the Area

We are headquartered in Lake Winnebago MO just outside of Lee’s Summit MO.


Over a hundred years ago, the small 11 block Town of Strother straddled the Missouri Pacific Railroad tracks. Today, that small town consists of 65.87 square miles and is known as the City of Lee's Summit. In the late 1800s, a man by the name of William B. Howard was drawn to this fertile, gently rolling prairie land with the dream of building a city. Today, over 98,000 residents have been enticed to this progressive, yet restful and family-oriented community atmosphere, with a unified dream to create a dynamic, vital city. From yesterday to today, the story of this once small town has been filled with the courage, dedication, and quiet determination of its citizens, making Lee's Summit an ideal city in which to live and work.


On October 28, 1865, William B. Howard founded the Town of Strother by filing a plat containing the 11 blocks that currently encompass the downtown business district. According to history, the town was named after Civil War General Robert E. Lee, since incorporation took place shortly after the war.


Lee's Summit's most infamous citizen was Cole Younger, called "The Last of the Great Outlaws" by author Homer Croy. According to history, soldiers drove Younger to a life outside the law after his father's murder and subsequent robbery. While Union forces were enforcing Order #11, the command issued in 1862 ostensibly to burn homes belonging to those with Southern ties, Younger and his brothers were credited with saving some of the original homes within Lee's Summit, the most prominent of which belonged to William B. Howard. Order #11 helped to unify the transplanted southern population in Missouri and compelled Younger to join the Confederate guerrilla band known as Quantrill's Raiders. Cole Younger was arrested after an attempted bank robbery in Northfield, Minnesota. Following 25 years of imprisonment for his crimes, Cole Younger was paroled in 1901. Three years later, Younger returned to Lee's Summit where he lived as a model citizen until his death in 1916. His grave is located in the Lee's Summit Historical Cemetery.


Mr. R. A. Long, a prominent Kansas City lumberman, began building his dream, which became a reality with the construction of Longview Farm. In 1912, Mr. Long purchased approximately 1,700 acres in the southwest portion of Lee's Summit. Mostly self-sufficient, the farm included five major barn groups and 42 buildings. When completed and functional, Longview Farm became internationally known for the horses and livestock contained within its white rail fences and was one of only three dozen such showplace farms. The history of Lee's Summit abounds with the triumphs of courageous people who have never failed in their dream of creating a city that will continually progress and prosper. Most importantly, Lee's Summit is comprised of dedicated people who never lose touch with the basic values that make a community livable which continues to live up to the dreams of its forefathers.


Local Service Coverage Areas

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services in Cass and Jackson county areas including but limited to Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, Independence, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Belton, Raytown, Harrisonville, Archie, Peculiar, Pleasant Hill, Greenwood, and Lake Winnebago. 

Working from Anywhere Services

We offer flexible virtual bookkeeping, accounting and customer-first growth services increasing team collaboration with our digital collaboration tools just like we are in your offices.  Many clients love that we can telework securely and remotely avoiding costly and more efficiently which in turn allows our clients to receive real-time solutions to assist with financial decision-making.  We work remotely so we can work for anywhere using screen share and advanced teleconferencing tools to feel just like we are in the same office together.  Focus On Your Business, Not Your Books. Dedicated Bookkeeping Specialists!


Although QuickBooks is designed for the layman to understand, the initial setup and installation can be tricky. Save hours of frustration by allowing us to setup QuickBooks for you correctly.  Getting the most from QuickBooks requires understanding its capabilities, functionality and best practices. We provide comprehensive QuickBooks training for users of all experience levels. We provide individual training sessions remotely and on-site that is tailored to the specific needs of organizations and individual users.  Enroll today in QuickBooks training.  


Lee's Summit Missouri Accounting Industry

We are a proud member of Lee's Summit Missouri accounting industry and active in Lee's Summit MO. Chamber of Commerce.  Top CPA's in Lee's Summit MO love our work because we do everything except taxes!  We love referrals from CPAs because we complement each other's business so well. 


Whether you need to prepare for tax time, or a financial review or you just need to clean up some problem areas, you'll be prepared with a QuickBooks Tune-up. In just a few hours, a QuickBooks Professional Advisor will help you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system.


We love it when the phone rings, and it's reflected in the work we do for our clients.

Enjoy more time to focus on growing your customers while we take care of the books.

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