Bots in Bookkeeping...No Way!

Botkeeper is a virtual robotic bookkeeper that does your bookkeeping and supports your accounting needs through machine learning and integration of systems and software. Botkeeper represents itself as an AI-powered automated bookkeeping and accounting solution, but in reality it’s offshore labor in the Philippines doing most of the work.:


Our clients enjoy having human interaction for their bookkeeping but understand how someone without a degree in accounting could think a robot could do bookkeeping. Some of the account on-boarding questions could be chatbot created but even with listening with artificial intelligence - AI will miss the subtle nuances of conversational interaction and gesture during our initial free consultation.


We absolutely will not be going botkeeping even with the rush to automate everything just to reduce client support calls. Botkeepers is absolutely perfect for those price only tire kickers out there that love to pay the

CPA to cleanup their books at let's say $125 / hour

in a crisis at the end of the year.


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