Keeping untrained bookkeepers out of your business.

Business Owners Victimized by Amateur Bookkeepers

Hiring the untrained bookkeeper is like running a weedwhacker through your books.

written by: Madison Scott


With accounting, there always comes a need for bookkeeping management. You deserve less time in the books when it comes to following your passion. Although, this comes with things you need to look for in a book keeper. Well what is it that you need to look for when it comes to hiring a bookkeeper?


Hiring a bookkeeper can be really helpful but hiring the cheapest one can cause more problems then you can even imagine at significant cost at year-end tax time.  When looking for the right bookkeeper you need to look for many things in order to put the right person on your books. 


  • Core Business Values
  • Formal Education in Accounting
  • Years of Experience



Hiring the untrained...

Bad Bookkeeping can damage your business

The issues of putting an untrained bookkeeper in the books of your business not only affects you and your business but it affects the clients also costing you extra for cleanup work at year-end tax time with the CPA. 


Although, hiring a trained, experienced bookkeeper not only keeps the books of your business managed but provides the proper monthly accounting experience that CPAs will love at tax time because they really hate bookkeeping catchups. Hire only the experienced bookkeeper with a formal education in accounting so you can  enjoy more time with your business customers. 


Business owners that continue always chasing the bigger better deal will pay a huge cost on the longer run.

Why Amateur Bookkeepers fall into this trap...

The sound of easy money after a short online training course is just too hard to pass up. 



  • How hard could it be right?
  • Quickbooks commercials make it look so easy!
  • I was good in math in high school...
  • Surely I could be a bookkeeper...



~93% of women and men DON’T QUALIFY because of the formal education requirement in accounting. In the online week long classes, you’ll find out if YOU really qualify after they have taken your money. More importantly- you will see what it really takes to SUCCEED in bookkeeping.  It's hard work unlike Quickbook portrays in commercials!



As much as these online instant bookkeeper courses would like, these classes do NOT teach you how to do bookkeeping. That takes a dedicated accounting educational setting. These classes are about the making easy money from home and on the job training at the business owner or victim's expense.



These introductory quick online bookkeeper classes always lead to an expensive upsell master class of $5,000 to $10,000 level products.  These con artists offer Master Mind series to students to measure their loyalty and commitment to the program where they teach students how to duplicate the easy money business model to have the fancy cars and trips like them.  The business model has very little to do with accounting really and more about the hope and dream of big money at all cost even if it takes swindling honest stay-at-home bookkeepers out of the savings. This easy money freemium registration to a short course to get started into an upsell flagship product has been used by more than 15,000 women & men to launch the side hustle only generating business owner victims of the cheaper amatuer bookkeeper.

Correcting the big mistakes with an amateur bookkeeper?

Really big eraser is required for bookkeeper mistakes cleanup

Well disaster recovery is sort of painful for everyone but we have some good news.  Our highly trained professionals can get you on track for many years of more enjoyable experience with your business. 

Just give us a call at 816-729-5921 when time permits but avoid waiting until the end of the year.