Coronavirus - Must Work from Home, No Problem You Got This!

Become a Work From Home Rockstar

  1. Purchase two noise-canceling headset to help drown out the dog or children at your place. One for a backup in case the dog eats the first one... Click here to get yours!
  2. Stay in the same disciplined routine just like you were driving to work each day only go to the dedicated at work #remotely from home designated area.
  3. Purchase an extra monitor for a larger screen than your laptop or desktop to gain more real estate to have more than one app running at a glance. They are super cheap right now so click here to get yours!
  4. Sitting all day can very unhealthy so be sure and get a good office weave back chair and set a time limit to get up for stretching and try not to eat at your new work area over lunch.
  5. Recently, for Valentine's Day, my honey bought me a new riser desk and it's just amazing the difference it makes. Make your back better by clicking here.
  6. Do your eyes a favor and get some Blue Blocker glasses. Eye-strain from monitors is the leading cause of headaches. Your eyes will say "Ahhh" so click here to get some of the glasses.


Practicing Makes Perfect

Be sure and practice the following to become a true Rockstar at facilitating, and always moving the ball smartly forward by hosting professional style meet. Your attendees will thank you!

  • Greet everyone to the teleconference call so they feel welcomed in joining your calls in the future.
  • Let everyone know, you will be getting started promptly after 5-minutes after to allow your audience to run form other meetings to join yours.
  • Do not reschedule the meeting unless key decision-makers cannot make it within 15 minutes of the meeting.
  • Always join the call at least 10 minutes early to resolve any issues that can arise with unified communications technologies.
  • Have all meeting calendar events to include the Purpose, Logistics, and Agenda to avoid the train-wrecks that we have all witnessed over the years. You don't want to be that one during these work from home times.


New book on remote team project management and better collaboration

These simple yet highly effective methods and many more are available in a new book published over the last holiday season by Anthony Washington, entitled "Creating AWE for Business, Project, and Agile Management. Get yours today by clicking here!

I hope this helps everyone transitioning to the #futureofwork where many of us help teams leap over the old corporate solos to the delight of executives that witness repeatable success.

Cheers to all making the journey!

#bethelight #helpothers