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Copyright © 2010 to Present  All Rights Reserved by Where Your Money Went LLC,, whereyourmoneywentdotcom. We serve accounting & bookkeeping services needs of Cass and Jackson county areas including but limited to Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, Independence, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Belton, RaytownHarrisonville, Archie, Pecuilar, Pleasant Hill, Greenwood, and Lake Winnebago.  Privacy Statement: All info gathered from this website is used for new customer contact purposes only and never shared with outside parties.  We take every precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.The computers/servers in which we process your information are only there temporary before forwarded for quickest response. All images are the property of their respective owners protected by copyright.

Customer First Game Changer


What if your bookkeeping and accounting services could discover hard to see revenue leaks to fund your business growth?


At Where Your Money Went, you are customer first taking your business to the next level feeling like playing your favorite video game, without the ads.

Business Growth is Not About Marketing or At least not here...

It's all about customer experience by Finding, Reaching, and Growing Your Audience

Smart mobilized customers just think differently these days...

  • Intensely focused on new customer decision making.

  • Branding that resonates with customers.

  • Customer experience exit offers. 

  • Building user experiences that are memorable.
  • Companion product matching combos. 

  • Natural language tuning and testing.

  • Identifies intent using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Performs common transactions

  • Answers FAQs and maintains context

  • Does small talk and steers conversation back to topic

  • Deflects low value and repetitive chat interactions

  • Using machine learning, it can improve with each interaction

What Makes This Different?

​If you think marketing is about advertising, branding, you're mistaken. It's all about customer experience by Finding, Reaching, and Growing Your Audience

That’s why our ability to deliver more human and intuitive experiences, at every touch point, is everything.  Sure a great product or service will always bring in customers.


Keeping them, however, is more challenging in today’s consumer-focused society.

Putting the customer first, means that a business puts the needs of the customer ahead of anything and everything else.  Serving your client's needs, and measuring customer-satisfaction levels in order to determine the success of their business.

How you deliver a product or service today, we must include how it makes people feel when they buy it.  This factor can be the difference between success or failure for many brands. 

Our unique process tunes up key areas that drove customers to buy then applies a repeatable steps across all business units for growth.  We help our business owners grow clients by keeping pace with your customers’ constantly changing behavior with mobile devices, smart wearable tech, and at home assistant devices. 

Let's face it, user expectations have really changed to more personalized to their needs, and very dynamic with all of the ways they can find your business and refer others to do the same.   

We Find Your Repeatable Growth Ramps

We look at past, present and plan for repeatable growth ramps for your business.  Once complete, this proprietary analysis from bridges the gap between your business teams and marketing technologies.  It is only through with our relationships that have made seen some of the greatest brands become even better.  We can scale your business with the leading providers of both non-digital and digital services to make it all come together.  We always sit on your side of the table hosting calls with with your current marketing agencies to offer your customer experience feedback, data, and recommendation for tuning toward your next major growth ramp.  Enjoy growth at your pace Just like stair-steps, each one takes effort to achieve but the results are so worth every penny according to our customers after experiencing the difference of well planned business growth.  

Fresh New Ideas for Growth

Ideation is the formation of ideas or concepts. We are always coming up with fresh new ideas to grow business for our clients.  Our mission is create demand and value that resonates with your customers with memorable experiences.  When we visit with local business owners it's common to find us thinking of ways they can grow their customers with a few simple tweaks. 

Consulting Relationship

Over the course of our consulting relationship, you will gain insights usually only the big brands can afford then pay just a fractional of the cost and avoid all of those too good to be true approaches out there.  We only utilize proven solutions to enable greater customer first personalization for better first engagement success. 

We partner and collaborate with some of the most well-respected brand directors, creative directors, writers, interactive marketers and developers are carefully screened for their expertise, experience, and imaginative ideas.

These amazing teams use the latest smart-tech vehicles with social web to mobility, wearables, with the latest voice-enable at home with Alexa or Google Home Assistant, and social media lead conversion bots so that your brand, customer value, location, and phone number can be found quickly.  


We hope this brief description represents a Mission Accomplished feeling!
Thank you for taking the time to visit us today and we look forward to earning your business.

The Results Are In...

Smarter context driven agent routing improves customer loyalty with tailored customer engagements important to winning their business.  The latest AI chat bots with business sales workflow Q/A has proven improve customer satisfaction by streamlining interaction time for the customer reducing the number of live agent support calls lowering costs.

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